Hide Maha.S

Singer-songwriter  Guitarist and Ukulele player

In 1989, at unprecedented big boom in band music, formed a unique band.

Contested a prize several times and made it to the final. Earned award for excellence at a teens' music champ staged by Shimamura Music, and also received many prizes.

In 1999, started to play the ukulele and learned real Hawaiian music from Mr.Uncle George Na’ope called living national treasure and from others.

Since 2000, co-stared as a professional Hawaiian musician with many top music players from home to abroad. Since then, appeared solo or as a band member on many Hawaiian events held in various locations every year.

In 2004, formed a band called “Hide & Family” and acted as a vocalist, guitarist and ukulele player. At Hotel New Otani Tokyo and Hotel Gajoen Tokyo, have been performed in Golden Week holiday events, Christmas events, and countdown live concert etc. as the main band for 15 years.

Since 2009, studied under Mr. Yuki Yamauchi, a worldwide guitarist. Learned traditional Hawaiian method for playing the guitar called “Slack Key Guitar” and incorporate it into own music.

In 2016, given the name “Maha” by Mr. Yamauchi. Maha means “rest” in Hawaiian. Based on deep meaning that the critical factor in music is the rest.

Have been making musical composition as a major part of wide activities such as performing in live events and acting as a ukulele and guitar teacher

◉ My use ukulele

  • Ceniza

  • Koaloha

  • Kamaka

  • Luna

  • Shimo Guitars

  • other​

◉ My use guitar

  • Martin

  • Headway

  • Shimo Guitars

  • other​